“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there” – Gandalf

The above quote was shown to me by one of the lovely volunteers I used to work alongside. We both agreed that it sums me up well (and not just because I am a massive Middle Earth geek).

I have learnt about animals and plants from books, TV shows (David Attenborough!) and also studying creatures and specimens themselves. I have a science degree in Biology. I have worked at schools, zoos, marine conservation charities and museums as an educator, presenter, developer and manager. I am really good at talking to people and enthusing them about nature. I absolutely adore it.

In 2016, having lived in cities all my life, I decided to venture beyond my books and maps. I committed to travelling near and far to meet the weird and wonderful wild things out there, and use my skills in presenting and education to share with others the wonders of nature and our responsibility to care for it. 

‘Snooper’ was a nickname given to me by the best team of people you could ever meet. It seemed a fitting name for my nosy little LEGO friend who was the host of my first ever, nature channel.