“The world is not in your books and maps, it’s out there” – Gandalf

The above quote was shown to me by one of the lovely volunteers I work alongside. We both agreed that it sums me up well (and not just because I am a massive Middle Earth geek).

I have learnt about animals from books, tv shows (David Attenborough!) and also studying creatures and specimens themselves. I have a science degree in Biology. I have worked at schools, zoos and museums as an educator, presenter and manager. I am really good at talking to people and enthusing them about nature. I absolutely adore it.

However, I have lived in cities my whole life and I have not seen many wild animals for myself. 

So…I recently sat down with a map of the South Pacific and some wonderful colleagues. We marked on it exactly where different species can be found, and I am going to plan the adventure of a life time around it.

The purpose of this website is to keep friends and family up to date with my travels (and prove to my worried mum that I am still alive). However, over the last year I also created my own youtube channel (Nature’s Toybox) as just another way of telling people about animals. Now, I hope to continue to use that as a platform to engage people with nature and conservation as I go. 

Please stay in touch: 

If you have any feedback about this site or would like to join me to see some animals (I am very serious, I would love company) please email me at rosiesnooper@gmail.com.

NB: ’Snooper’ (and sometimes even ‘Pooper’) was a nickname given to me by the best team of people you could ever meet. It seemed a fitting name for my nosy little lego friend who is the host of my nature channel (and definitely not my imaginary friend).